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Atlas Reosrt, Morocco

Location Lot Size: 4 Acres/ 100 Olive Tress
Panoramic View of Atlas Mountains
Swimming Pool: 9M x 25M
Children Playground
3 Bungalow/ Bed & Breakfast

Marrakech is situated at the foot of the High Atlas, the highest mountainous barrier in North Africa. The desert borders it to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Stretching over 700 km, the High Atlas chain features a series of peaks of which a dozen attain 4,000 metres. Snow can be found on hilltops all year long at altitudes as low as 600 metres above sea level.

To the south arise the stretches of steppes terrain that forewarn of the burning winds and the rigor of the Sahara. Beyond the 130,000 hectares of greenery and the 180,000 palm trees of its Palmeraie. Marrakech is an oasis of great and rich plant variety. Throughout the seasons, orange, fig, pomegranate and olive trees spew out their fragrances and display their marvelous colors and luscious fruits. The precious gardens of the city conceal numerous nat

There are lots of fun things to do in Marrakech with kids (or Marrakesh as it is also known). This lively bustling town is full of fascinating alleys to explore. A visit to the Jamaa el Fna square is a must do on your travel to Marrakech with children. Your teenagers will enjoy sand duning in the desert or exploring the souk. Your babies will be delighted with the interesting things to see-brightly colored pottery, camels and snakes in the square.

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