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Mountain Atlas

The Atlas Mountains (Berber: idurar n Watlas, Arabic: جبال الأطلس‎) is a mountain range across a northern stretch of Africa extending about 2,500 km (1,600 mi) through Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. The highest peak is Toubkal, with an elevation of 4,167 metres (13,671 ft) in southwestern Morocco. The Atlas ranges separate the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines from the Sahara Desert. The population of the Atlas Mountains are mainly Berbers. The terms for ‘mountain’ in some Berber languages are adrar and adras, believed to be cognate with the toponym.

Subranges of the Atlas Mountains:
The range can be divided into four general regions from west to east:
Middle Atlas, High Atlas, and Anti-Atlas (Morocco).
Saharan Atlas (Algeria).
Tell Atlas (Algeria, Tunisia).
Aurès Mountains (Algeria, Tunisia).

Dramatic, imposing and stunning, no visitor to Morocco can resist the lure of the distant Atlas Mountains in north Africa. They stretch southwards from the Mediterranean coast for over 1,600 kilometres. There are plenty of walking options in the High Atlas, whether you go alone or with an organized tour.

Most organized tours start off in Marrakech or in the village of Imill. From here, they head off towards the nearby mountain peaks. Along the way you will hike beneath snow-capped peaks, through and around deep canyons and ancient remote Berber villages.

If you choose to go by yourself (not on an organized tour) you?ll probably have a lot more contact with the locals. You?ll be pleasantly surprised at how friendly they are. Most are willing to act as porters and guides. You can also hire mules to carry your equipment.

The range of adventures varies quite considerably in the High Atlas. If you want a challenge you can climb Jebel Toubkal (the highest peak in North Africa). Or, if you want something easier, you can just take a tranquil stroll through the wild landscape of the Jebel Sahro region, with its rocky plateaus, idyllic oases, and crystal clear pools.

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